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Kaleb Berhane

And I'm a

I love starting with a blank canvas and telling a story about an idea that inspires. Get to know me more by downloading my resume.


About Me

Frontend Developer!

Hi my name is Caleb Berhane. I am a Junior frontend developer learning back end. I immigrated to Canada in 2014 and i have always loved computers and the idea of story telling in the digital world. I love developing websites and make the internet look nice one step at a time.

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Side Hustles

I have few side hustles that help me improve my coding skills.

Python badge

Learning to build a new site with React framework for my internship


My Services

Web Development

My Web Developer program and having spent time with modern frameworks has inspired me to build websites and get experience for them. Hiwi

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UI Design

My time in Figma has enabled to see real world posibilities of UI design. My main focus is making user interface interactive and easy for customers to access any content effortlessly.

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Deploy Live Site

Having a live site with a custom domain is very neccessary. Once your website is complete be confident that your site will have a cutom domain name at a very affordable price

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Latest projects


This is my latest big project. And it is for a youth ministry called FTCC.f Check out!.


I built this web site for Mckenzie towne located here in calgary.


I am working on brand new website for artists to be able to upload their albums and songs.

Web design

Hazel Clothing is another fun project I completed.

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